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IT Solutions

Apek is a Professional IT Managed Service Provider providing total IT solutions and services for small to medium sized business. We specialise in providing personalised service and consultation for all IT needs. We take the time to discuss customers particular requirements and assist in providing a total solution package.

Apek's range of IT solutions focus on software and database development, Microsoft networking technologies, advanced wireless deployments, Voice Over IP systems and IT based camera surveillance options.

Software and Database Development

Apek focuses on utilising industry standard Microsoft Visual Studio Dot Net Framework and Microsoft SQL Server technologies, Apek can develop a customised software solution for SMBs using the latest Microsoft technologies. Software development, testing, tuning and maintenance are all done in house by Apek's own consultants and developers to ensure the exact requirements for our clients are met to our high standards.

Hosted Cloud Based Solutions

Apek has proven solutions for cloud based architecture. Whether it being private and/or public clouds, we can tailer an effective solution to meet client needs no matter their size of business. Private clouds provide a secure and centrally managed cloud located at data centre which is suitable for larger clients. We have extensive experience linking multiple site offices from all over the world to work from their private cloud at a Data Centre. We have partnered with an ISP Pacnet to give the clients the options of hosting their own hardware in the cloud, utilising virtual cloud infrastructure, or a combination of both.

We also partner with Microsoft to provide a full Software As A service (SaaS) cloud solution based on Microsoft Office 365 architecture for smaller clients who wish to mimimise the complexity of their onsite hosted networks. There is no single cloud solution to suit all environments and Apek has the experience to advise of the best customised solution for our clients.

Cisco Corporate Grade Wireless Access Technologies

As a Cisco Select Certified Partner, Apek utilises Cisco corporate grade wireless solutions to manage advanced setups with a large amount of wireless access points. In combination with advanced Microsoft NPS policies and RADIUS servers, this can provide a secure and stable infrastructure. Computers and network equipment are no longer bound by physical cable limitations. High speed and secure wireless technology has become an affordable and effective solution for wired offices. Users can roam free around a wireless office with their phones, tablets and notebooks all while being connected to their network securely.

Virtualisation Solutions

Utlising proven VMware architecture, we can provide virtualised solutions for hosted cloud and onsite infrastructures. Virtualisation provides better use of existing hardware resources and allows great flexibility when used in hosted cloud environments. A combination of both can also be utilised depending on the solution required and Apek has the experience to advise of the best solution for our clients

VOIP and Unified Messaging Solutions

Apek has partnered with VOIP experts Mitel to provide advanced Voice Over IP technologies and solutions for corporate markets. Utilising ISP Pacnet's cloud infrastructure, Apek can deploy customised VOIP and messaging solutions which are reliable, robust and feature rich. By primarily focusing on clients existing IT infrastucture, we can easily integrate VOIP and unified messaging solutions accross all IT systems to provide a total communications solution.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We have partnered with major vendors such as Intel, HP and Cisco to provide the best quality hardware. Apek carefully selects the best components to suit each customers needs as we understand that business grade components differ from normal consumer grade hardware. For business grade servers we supply and install HP Proliant Intel Xeon based servers featuring high end server grade features such as hardware failsafe RAID, high performance SCSI disk drives, ECC memory and HP ILO monitoring and access. For desktop PC solutions, we use only Intel based hardware in conjunction with high quality and reputable name brand parts.

Hardware and software procurement is also an important service we provide. Networking equipment, security devices, operating systems and software utilities are all important tools required to run an efficient IT system. Apek only recommend hardware and software solutions which have been proven and tested within the industry.

Microsoft Domain Networks

Advancements in Microsoft Windows Server based products allow for quick and efficient network deployment. Apek specialises in domain based networks based upon Microsoft's Active Directory Architecture. This forms a secure and highly scalable network environment which can easily be administered and managed. Domain controllers manage security, group policies, domain name handling, dynamic address assignments, and forms the core component of a secure and efficient network.

Remote Access

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) has provided businesses the opportunity of securely transmitting and accessing information over the internet. Apek can help businesses make the best use of VPN technologies in sharing information over the internet. Authenticated clients, business partners and staff members can all make use of the internet to access information.

Emails held within a companies own mail server can be quickly and easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Apek has implemented many solutions based upon Microsoft Outlook Web Access technologies. All that is required is a simple internet connection and users can access their emails presented in exactly the format they are used to.

Terminal server technologies provides users and administrators with the ability to open a virtual session from anywhere on the internet to access their desktop as if they were actually in front of the computer screen. They can transfer files remotely, read emails and run programs from any location easily and quickly with no need to be in the office.

Internet Security

Internet security and monitoring is becoming more important as new and more deadly attacks on networks occur everyday. Apek has a range of effective security solutions combining the best from hardware and software based approaches.

A firewall is usually the first line of defence against outside attacks on an internal network. Not all firewalls are built the same. Apek can custom build a highly secure and customisable firewall based upon proven Linux technologies. They are highly customisable, secure and stable and while forming the link between important features such as VPN, email and remote access to be available without compromising security. Intrusion detection systems, logging and internet traffic controls all form part of a secure and safe network environment.

Spam and Virus Prevention

Email spam and viruses are becoming major issues affecting corporate networks on a daily basis. Apek recognises this problem and has formed effective counter measures against this ever increasing problem. Through the use of proven technologies and proper software implementations, spam and viruses can be greatly minimised.

Antivirus and Anti-spyware solutions can be monitored and controlled centrally and be deployed to all computers on a network. Updates are automated daily and virus outbreaks can cleaned up and controlled immediately. Spam control can be handled by making use of effective technologies proven to reduce spam such as advanced filtering and online lookups. When closely monitored and optimised we can help reduce the amount of unwanted spam emails before they reach the client's mailboxes.

Network Racks and Network Cabling

Having a structured and central storage area for a companies servers, networking equipment, and cabling is an essential part of establishing a well maintained and efficient IT infrastructure. Apek consultants have great experience in customising a design and layout that is both flexible and highly accessible no matter what the current situation. In conjunction with proven rack technologies and our in house network cabling expertise, businesses can have a mobile, secure, tidy and efficient infrastructure for all storage and communication between their IT equipment.

Computer Networked Camera Surveillance

Physical surveillance need no longer be done by specialist security companies. Apek can install and set up integrated security surveillance cameras which can communicate with computer networks to monitor specific locations from the camera. Being integrated into the network allows greater flexibility as any computer workstation can access the cameras from a simple web browser. Software can be customised to control the view of the camera, send email alerts to users and make video recordings which can be stored and backed up to normal computer hard disk drives.


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