Video Surveillance IP Cameras

Apek offers a range of high performance IP-based security cameras from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Axis. Devices from these manufacturers offer a variety of features to suit various requirements such as pan/tilt/zoom, audio, HD video recording, low light capture, motion detection, damage and weather proofing. With the introduction of modern digital video formats, high throughput network connections and computer based video recording, security cameras have evolved into network attached devices that rely heavily on the underlying IT networking infrastructure. Modern security cameras operate as an IP device that sends its recording to a centralised storage and management point. As a result, Apek handles all design, implementation and set up stages in house and does not rely on external 3rd parties. This grants us a holistic approach to better integrate the IP system into the existing networks as we control and manage the entire IT infrastructure.
Apek has a Master Licence to sell, supply, and install security cameras as well as our staff having Security Industry Licences (2BC) to carry out any onsite installations.